Frequently Asked Questions by Individuals

If you have your own questions for us please get in touch

Find a legend that you want to play golf with, and send us an enquiry. Following your enquiry, you will receive a price confirmation from us. All golf experiences are bespoke which means that we are unable to publish the prices online. The location, course availability and the cost to play with a legend can vary.

Legends are available to play golf throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. However, some are prepared to travel to Europe to play golf with their fans. Once we have received your enquiry we will be in touch to discuss their availability and possible locations.

All tee times are paid by us as part of the package which means that all you need to focus on is playing golf and beating the legends!

No, all contact comes through us.

If you think that you might not be able to make the day for whatever reason please contact us as soon as possible. Some golf clubs operate a strict no refund policy, and some won’t. If the club operates a no refund policy then the cost will be passed onto you. We will refund the booking for the legend or move the event to another day.

All payments are processed securely online using Stripe.

Yes, of course.  We are in touch with former players each day and receive requests from players to join our website too.

Watch this space!